Here, at Commercial Painting Group we will offer you a variety of solutions to suit your individual project.  For example a home or structure on to coastline will face hasher climatic condisions than say a structure in Dubbo and would require different painting considerations.


We offer you choice in brands, offer advice and take care of the all the painting aspects of your project.


Painting Services we offer include:

New Work - Interior and Exterior Painting

Re-paints - Interior and Exterior Painting including abseiling work

Faux Finishes - for example, Limewash, Metallic, Design Rust

Airless Spraying

Heritage Work

Whiteboard and Blackboard Walls

Sound reducing paint (great for common walls)

Paint Stripping

Wallpaper application and or removal


Specialised and Industrial Coatings

From Water towers to rusting plant steelwork to slippery floors, Commercial Painting Group has a solution for your specialised product needs and industrial painting projects - Short and Long term solutions depending on your requirements


We utilize various different brands of industrial paint to ensure fit for purpose. Water Based Epoxies, 2 Pack Epoxies and even 3 Part products can be supplied and applied by our knowledgeable team.


Slip resistant coatings for floors, ramps, stairs, AntiGraffiti coatings that let you wash off graffitied substrates with hot water, Sound reducing paint even heat reflective coatings can all be supplied and applied by Commercial Painting Group 







Texture is a great architectural development for commercial and residential buildings.  Some textures are applied over acrylic render systems.  Cement render is inherently hard and brittle and often prone to cracking and effloresense

Texture comes in a range of styles and application systems, roll-on, trowel on, spray on as well as membrane systems.

We are Accredited Dulux Texture applicators, meaning we have attended Dulux specific training and assessment.  We can also supply and apply other brands of texture. 
Dulux Acratex systems, when used in a approved system can be warranted for up to 15 years.  



Why replace when you can restore for a fraction of the cost ?  Commercial Painting Group can assist you with roof membranes and heat reflective coatings.

We can arrange all aspects of your roof restoration including replacement of broken tiles, re-pointing and ridgecapping.


We are certified InfraCOOL Commercial installers and can help you cool your building, workshop, sports complex or anywhere esle with a roof! Not only can you reduce your cooling costs but you will be kinder to the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.  Contact us for more information.